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Hear From Our Volunteers | The Doctor's Volunteer Clinic of St. George

Hear from our Volunteers

“I’ve been volunteering here for a year and start medical school next fall! We all deserve to have quality, affordable healthcare, and that’s what the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic provides for our community. Being part of it has helped me build the skills it takes to be a good physician. I’ve learned to be sensitive to the patient’s needs and help translate that into excellent care. We’re all grateful to the clinic for giving us the opportunity to advance our medical knowledge and meet our goals.”


“I love the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic! I’ve been volunteering here for over 3 years and I have en…joyed working with the patients, staff and other volunteers. The experience that I have gained by volunteering here is priceless and I am forever grateful. We are so fortunate to have this clinic in our community! Thank you, DVC!”


“As a parent of a grown son with no health insurance, I have seen first hand the critical need for the DVC. The doctors who give of their time here treat their patients with love and dignity. I am proud to be able to be part of the office staff volunteers, answering phones and filing, to be of help in any way possible. I love to be here to serve the many people in our community who cannot afford health insurance. Become a volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life.”


“I love working at the DVC. It is a caring, kind, nurturing place. It is satisfying to me to be able to help those who are struggling, as I understand the difficulties we all face. It helps me keep things in perspective. Those who work here are like minded and have a positive and upbeat attitude that┬ámakes volunteering fun. I was once a patient here myself and am grateful I have the ability now to give back.”


“I enjoy helping people that need help in our community. It’s a very rewarding experience!”

Dr. Walter Ogden

“I am so impressed with the spirit of the folks who volunteer here. I also appreciate other community resources and the help they give our patients with often very complicated problems.”

Dr. Rox Burkett