Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic is operated by dentists in the community who volunteer their time at the Clinic on a rotating basis. Services provided are exams, X-rays, emergency extractions, and fillings. We work with local dentists to provide affordable dental care for the low-income and uninsured in our community.

Call the clinic to schedule an appointment

Services Provided

Extractions- $40
Fillings – $40-$80
Root Canals – $140
We do not offer cleanings, wisdom teeth extractions, crowns, implants or dentures.

Eligibility Requirements

1. No medical and/or dental insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

2. Must meet financial guidelines of 200% below poverty level (Based on income per month)

Persons in Family Monthly Income
1 $1,945
2 $2,622
3 $3,298
4 $3,973
5 $4,650
6 $5,325
7 $5,552