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About | The Doctor's Volunteer Clinic of St. George

About Us


The Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic (DVC) is a non-profit, non-government healthcare organization that provides access to affordable health services for the uninsured, underinsured and low-income in Southern Utah by acting as a safety net of services that include primary medical care, mental health services, and dental care.


In 1998, the Washington County Medical Association, with Dr. Paul Doxey as President, organized several local community agencies to give back to the 20 percent of Washington County residents who were uninsured and unable to afford healthcare. The local homeless shelter, Dixie Care and Share, offered the use of its kitchen and one bedroom, which was turned into an exam room. The doors of the DVC opened in February 1999. With a donation from the Washington County Medical Alliance, and the help of two retired volunteer physicians, the clinic saw more than 3,000 patient visits that first year. It soon became apparent that there was a great need for affordable healthcare for those without insurance. Equally obvious was the need for a larger space in which to provide care. The Boots Cox family generously donated land, and the Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUBHA) offered to build a facility with donated labor. Local building suppliers helped immensely and provided a majority of the materials free of charge. The clinic operated out of that 3,000 square foot building until 2010 when the nation’s economic crisis created a burgeoning population of patients, as many lost their jobs and health insurance. Due to the increased demand, clinic providers were treating patients in the hallways and storage closets. Although it was in desperate need of more space, the clinic wasn’t in a position to fund the cost of expansion.
Thanks to a generous donation of $50,000 from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, the entire cost of the clinic expansion was covered. The construction industry, although hardest hit by the economic crisis, donated the remaining balance in labor and supplies. This expansion added 2,200 square feet to the building, including four additional exam rooms, a new mental health wing, and dental suite.


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